Organic Cotton Turkish Towel, GOTS and Oeko-Tex certified

Bespoke Turkish towel, ethically manufactured in Denizli, Türkiye. The city of Denizli is world renowned for manufacturing the finest quality cotton textiles. For us, it was essential to manufacture using certified organic cotton, as well as GOTS (Good Organic Textile Standard) certified. We wanted to feel good about our offering, both for our bodies and the environment. The stripe in the most perfect blue makes us smile. Most importantly, don’t be deceived by the ultra-thin towel. They are lightweight but strong, airy, and dry much faster than conventional towels. Year round they can be used at the lake, at the beach, as a little picnic blanket, and at the sauna. It’s also great as a highly absorbent hair towel. Traditionally, these towels are used in Hammams, Turkish style baths. 90 x 100 cm, 190 GSM. Product of Türkiye.