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Celebrate the palette of the True North, and bring the wisdom and beauty of nature into your everyday.

At Maple magazine, we search, test, and curate the product collections that make life a little cozier, healthier, and more pleasurable. Each hand-picked product is made with love, intention, and of the highest quality. Always with a modern design aesthetic and ethically sourced, these are things that you’d proudly display (or Instagram) and tell your friends about.

We want to inspire you to consume with intention. Our day to day lives are often shaped by the things that surround us. So come along the journey and let us share with you the stories behind each product that we find, and why we can’t live without it.

Sign up now for the Fall edition (while supplies last!), filled with luxury organic and natural products that are both inspired by the True North, and that will inspire you to reinvigorate your body, mind, home, and spirit. The makers of each product draw inspiration from the wisdom of nature. It’s this wisdom that can enliven and sustain us through the harsh, rugged beauty of our climate. 

The Fall edition of The Maple Box is expected to ship mid October. 

I cannot wait for you to receive your box! 

Yours truly, KH Signature Katharine Herringer, editor and co-founder of Maple magazine

What's inside The Maple Box?

For our third box, the Fall edition, you will receive a box brimming with 7-10 full-size natural and organic products for reinvigorating spring wellness, plus the latest issue of Maple magazine.

$98 per box (plus taxes + free shipping) for a $160 to $190 value.

What kind of items can I expect?

Once a season, you’ll receive a box brimming with a curated collection of 7 to 10 natural and organic products for the body, mind, soul, and home, plus the latest issue of Maple magazine. Seasonally relevant, our winter and autumn boxes are sure to get you in the cozy frame of mind, while the spring and summer boxes will detox and enliven your body, inside and out.

Want to see what was inside the inaugural Maple Box?

Unboxing video by Desiree Nielsen


Q&A about The Maple Box, with Katharine Herringer

Q: I'm in Canada, am I going to pay duty or customs fees?

A: We are located in British Columbia and all of our boxes are packed and shipped from our warehouse in New Westminster. There isn’t any duty or customs to pay.

Q: Is the price in Canadian dollars?

A: The Maple Box is priced in Canadian currency for Canadian customers. No need to worry about that exchange rate! For our American customers, the total is charged in US dollars but shipping is indeed included. For our international subscribers, they are charged in their local currency and estimated shipping costs.

Q: Is shipping included?

A: Within North America, the shipping is included. The monthly and quarterly subscription prices include shipping. Taxes will be added.

Q: When can I expect my box?

A: Our third box, the Fall edition of The Maple Box, ships mid October.

Q: When will I be billed for my next box?

A: Your subscription is $98 per season, or $39 per month (plus tax), depending on the payment option you select. You will be billed every 90 or 30 days respectively. The subscription is set to auto-renew, so your card will be automatically processed unless you cancel.

Please note that the monthly payment option does not mean you will receive a box each month; it just means you can break down the cost monthly. With all payment options, you will receive a total of four editions of The Maple Box per year.

Q: Do I need to sign up for future editions of The Maple Box?

A: You only need to sign up once. The subscription is set to auto-renew, so you'll automatically receive future editions until you cancel.

Q: Is every box the same?

A: While each box of the seasonal theme is carefully curated by our editor, boxes may vary. There may be slight variations from box to box, in terms of the flavour or colour of a specific item, but all boxes will be virtually the same and of the same value.

Q: Are all the products made in Canada?

A: The concept of The Maple Box is "True North organic living”. Most of the products we curate for each edition are made in Canada, but not all. As an example for our Get Cozy Winter Wellness box, out of 10 products, 8 were made in Canada, one in the U.S.A., and one in Germany.

Q: Are the products in the box vegan?

A: We can not guarantee that all products are vegan, as we allow ingredients like beeswax and wool. We do however guarantee that products in the box are cruelty free, and ethically sourced and manufactured.

Q: I have a question. How can I contact The Maple Box team?

A: Our team members are happy to help you out Monday to Thursday from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, and on Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. To email us, write to Please allow 1-2 days for responses by email. If you need to reach us by phone, please leave us a message at 1-888-655-0633.

Q: How do I return the box?

A: If you're not happy with your FIRST #themaplebox, please email us first at For a full refund, you must notify us within seven days of receiving your FIRST box, and it must include all of its original items in unused condition and be shipped back (return shipping costs are not refunded) to:

The Maple Box
104–100 Braid Street
New Westminster, BC
V3L 3P4

Boxes must be shipped back to this address within 30 days.


Your satisfaction is important to us


If you don't absolutely love The Maple Box, we don't want to keep your money!

To make subscribing to The Maple Box easy, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee to every subscriber on their FIRST box.

After you receive your FIRST box, if you don't think it was worth your money, email us for a *full refund.

*The Maple Box must be returned (return shipping cost not included) with all of its original items in unused condition and you must notify us within 7 days of receiving the box. Boxes must be shipped back to this address within 30 days.