Welcome to maple

Maple is a husband-and-wife run and founded brand. First established in 2016, The Naturalist Publishing began with a print publication reporting on the world of organics, The Whole Report, and soon followed with the launch of an organic lifestyle magazine, Maple. The intention was and remains, to produce impeccable-quality products centered around organic living. We believe in the power of quality (and FSE-certified) paper, and the beauty of fine typography. In a world of frantic digital content, we celebrate the value of the printed page. A space to engage without disruption.

In early 2018, The Maple Box was launched as a collection of True North inspired, luxury organic and natural goods from mostly Canadian makers. We search, test, and curate the product collections that make life a little cozier, holistic, and more pleasurable. Each hand-picked product is made with love, intention, and of the highest quality. Always ethically-sourced and with a modern design aesthetic, these are things that you’d proudly display (or Instagram) and tell your friends about.

We want to inspire you to consume with intention. Our day to day lives are often shaped by the things that surround us. So, come along the journey and let us share with you the stories behind each product that we select. 

We’ve since rounded out our offerings with The Maple Podcast; meaningful audio conversations with like-minded leaders, naturalists, innovators, authors, experts, founders and seekers. 

So, whether you’ve come to us from the printed page, the subscription box or the sound waves, we’re happy to connect with you. Thank you for joining us. 

‘The duty of literature is to note what counts, and to light up what is suited to the light.’ 

Anatole France