Maple Body-Restoring Jade Gua Sha Comb

Inspired by ancient Chinese body massage techniques, this body comb has traditionally been used on the arms, legs and torso to revive the skin, as well as reducing tension and increasing circulation and lymphatic drainage. It's a beautiful relaxing daily ritual that offers immediate rejuvenation. Ideal when used before or after bathing, together with a warming body oil.

We guarantee that this body comb is made of 100% Xiuyan jade, certified to be ethically sourced and hand finished.

As the jade body comb is hand made from a natural product, there will be colour variations and minor size or shape differences—this does not affect the quality of the product. Jade is breakable if dropped. We recommend if using in the shower, to use a shower mat, if using on a hard surface like tile, place a towel below. Clean between uses, and keep in cotton pouch provided.