Hand-embossed Porcelain Maple No. 1, A Cozy Night In Scented Candle – 11 oz

Choose from: "Hare" or "Home" or "Owl"
Burning time: 65-80 hrs | 
Fragrance: blend of 93% essential oils and natural compounds. No parabens, no phthalates, no formaldehyde, no known or suspected endocrine disruptors | 
Wax: non-toxic 100% pure soy wax | 
Wick: 100% natural unbleached cotton | 

A Maple collaboration with Vancouver-based, British master ceramicist Russell Hackney. Limited edition porcelain scented candle filled with our bespoke fragrance Maple No. 1, A Cozy Night In. Each hand-embossed porcelain vessel is glazed on the inside and once the candle is burned, it can be reused as a lantern with a tealight, as a vase, or as a fancy mug for your latte.

Maple No. 1, A Cozy Night In is in a base of spirit-clearing Frankincense, this prosperous blend combines sweet Myrrh, woody Palo Santo and Cedarwood, enhanced with the spicy and warming notes of Cardamom, Cinnamon and Clove leaf oil. The warm balsamic effect of Labdanum Resinoide, from the Mediterranean, is embraced and uplifted by Vetiver and Tonka Bean extract.

Net fill 11 oz  |  Hand-embossed and hand-poured in Vancouver, British Columbia | Free shipping on orders over $100

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