Hand-embossed Porcelain Maple No. 3, Happy Hour In Scented Candle – 11 oz

Choose from: "Hare" or "Home" or "Owl"
Burning time: 65-80 hrs | 
Fragrance: blend of 93% essential oils and natural compounds. No parabens, no phthalates, no formaldehyde, no known or suspected endocrine disruptors | 
Wax: non-toxic 100% pure soy wax | 
Wick: 3-wicks, 100% natural unbleached cotton | 

A Maple collaboration with Vancouver-based, British master ceramicist Russell Hackney. Limited edition porcelain scented candle filled with our bespoke fragrance Maple No. 3 Happy Hour. Each hand-embossed porcelain vessel is glazed on the inside and once the candle is burned, it can be reused as a lantern with a tealight, as a vase, or as a fancy mug for your latte.

Maple No. 3 Happy Hour is the scent of sun-kissed berries and currants. Whimsical with a sense of depth. Accords of Greek Cypress, Moroccan Rosemary, French Lavender, Star Anis and Siberian Fir elevate the conversation. These layers mingle harmoniously with enlivening Grapefruit, Tangerine with a touch of Spanish basil. It’s uplifting, inviting and very unique.

(Grumpy Owl is currently sold-out)

Net fill 11 oz  |  Hand-embossed and hand-poured in Vancouver, British Columbia | Free shipping on orders over $100