Spring Rejuvenation edition—sneak peek

This season we bring you a sparkling lineup of goods from (mostly) Canadian makers that will be sure to revive, revitalize and invigorate. By popular demand, we decided to focus on skin and body care with this edition. Especially with many of us spending endless hours in front of screens, our faces can use a little TLC, followed by some time outside, breathing in deeply the scents of spring. Want to see a little something that’s inside the current edition? (we’ll reveal the whole thing in the coming weeks…)


Woodlot nourishing facial toner, 60 ml

From Vancouver-based, husband-and-wife owned brand is one of our favourite nourishing water-based hyaluronic acid essences, which delivers ingredients directly into the skin after cleansing. Because of the molecular structure of this lightweight solution, it will be able to penetrate the skin most effectively when applied directly after cleansing. A deeply hydrating blend of rose water, witch hazel and probiotic radish root ferment make this treatment the ultimate in tightening and soothing. Use about 1/3 of a dropper full and apply directly, gently pressing into the skin. Breathe deeply and be soothed by the subtle scent of geranium and lavender essential oils. Follow-up with a moisturizer and oil - oh, and don’t forget your SPF! There’s no point in investing in good quality skin care, if you don’t protect your skin from the sun. Make way for radiant skin. Made in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Nala care free-from deodorant in one of three options: peppermint & charcoal, or lemon myrtle & geranium, or sandalwood & bergamot; 60 g

Free-from skincare developed by a mother-daughter entrepreneur duo. Losing a vital member of their family to cancer was the impetus for a deep inquiry into the realities of health and well-being. Leveraging their backgrounds in biotech engineering and technology, they developed a line of deodorants free-from the worst offenders in the cosmetic world. Ingredients nourish, moisturize and repair delicate underarm skin. With daily use, one stick lasts between 3-6 months. Made in Vancouver, British Columbia.

There’s plenty more of luxury organic and natural products from Canadian makers in the Spring Rejuvenation edition. But remember, like with every edition of The Maple Box, quantities are limited.

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