Resthouse. Creating Your Sleep Ecosystem

From the Deep Winter 2021 issue of Maple

With our friends at Resthouse Sleep Solutions

When it comes to wellness, it's no secret that getting enough sleep is of paramount importance. Yet nourishing and restorative sleep extends beyond the number of hours we invest in sleeping. We need to create a quality, nurturing environment for a renewing night's rest—a perfect sleep ecosystem.

Located in Duncan, British Columbia, and shipping across Canada, Resthouse Sleep Solutions has been helping Canadians since 2014 to build that ecosystem and lead healthier lives through better sleep. Thanks to their exceptional customer service and commitment to sleep excellence, Resthouse leads the way in cost-effective sleep solutions, offering a curated selection of the finest natural bedding products for a healthy and ecologically responsible sleep. Whether it's a single organic body pillow or a complete bedroom overhaul, there's something for every budget and every situation. And since most of their products are customizable—from mattresses to comforters to pillows—there's no need to compromise.



According to co-owner Dawn Howlett, one of the key elements to a restful night is having uninterrupted sleep. When the bedding is not made of breathable materials, it will trap the heat, forcing our body to work much harder to keep its temperature at optimum levels throughout the night. "You end up continuously waking up to adjust your covers," explains Dawn. "Everything we have at Resthouse is natural and completely breathable, and that helps your body regulate its temperature." The second key element of a good night's sleep is finding proper support for our body and keeping our spine correctly aligned. By asking extensive questions about temperature, alignment, and support needs, Resthouse strives to provide customers with a customized sleep system designed in conjunction with the way our bodies actually work. 

Healthy sleep doesn't stop at creating the perfect ecosystem. It's also essential to clean up your sleep by using organic bedding made with durable natural ingredients and free from potentially harmful chemicals, antimicrobial additives, and fire retardants (such as Chlorinated Tris) commonly found in mainstream mattresses, toppers, and pillows. "When we are out in the world, we are dealing with pollution and chemicals," says Dawn. "There is a lot that we can't do anything about, but we can do a lot in our home, in particular our bedrooms. Choosing organic is important because it's the time when your body is resting and recuperating. If you want to get the most out of that restorative sleep time, you want to make sure that you are giving your body everything it needs to succeed and not giving it more to deal with."

Resthouse takes pride in their sustainable practices and has carefully chosen to partner with manufacturers that share their values in following strict social and environmental standards and ethically sourcing natural materials—from the breathable certified organic cotton in their linens to the rubber latex for their biodegradable mattresses and pillows to the EcoWool™ in their comforters.

"We are not reinventing anything," says Dawn. "We are basically harvesting and using what nature is already providing, and to me, that's the most sustainable part." 

Nothing feels better than a good night's sleep. By surrounding ourselves with quality bedding products customized to our individual needs and made to last, we can significantly improve our sleep and lives. "We spend more time in bed than we do everywhere else," says Dawn. "Let's make that time the cleanest possible. That's the best thing you can do for your health."

Pillow Talk

The easiest and most accessible place to beginning creating your own organic sleep space is with a good head pillow. We're loving the Kakun Shredded Latex Pillow, because it can be customized to fit your head and neck.

Our friends at Resthouse are always available to connect and answer any questions you have. Speak to an organic sleep expert at 844.855.7378, or online at

Sweet Dreams!